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We connect to your computer over the Internet to quickly repair your PC.

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Remote Computer Repair Immediate Online Computer Repair: There is no longer the need to take your PC to a Computer Repair Service or hire a Computer Repair Technician to fix a problem. saves you time, hassle, headaches, and money by fixing a Slow Computer, performing Virus Removal, completing a Computer Tune Up or simply fixing your computer in general…all Online, while you watch. We will make your Slow Running Computer faster than new ! Our Expert Engineers are based in the U.S. and we offer 100% Safe & Trusted Computer Repairs.

Our engineers operate your keyboard and mouse to resolve your problem as you sit back, relax and watch the action! Remote Computer Control Technology is like having the expert sitting at your computer. You control when we have secure access and you can see everything we are doing to make your computer run better and faster than new. So, if your Computer Runs Slow or you are in need of good Online Virus Removal to take care of Trojans or other Malware, Remote Repair can quickly take care of the problem for you.

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We will fix your computer problem or you pay nothing!
Quick 5 Minute Repairs and Diagnostics
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$49 for One Time Computer Repair
We will fix your computer problem or you pay nothing!
Great for stubborn error messages and other problems.
(Does not include virus removal, see Complete Tune-up & Repair)

$99 for Complete Tune-Up SPECIAL!
We will make your computer run faster than new!
(That's right, "faster than new"! How can we do this?)

This is about a five hour process. Our normal charge is $60 an hour but with this special deal we tap it out at $99 no matter how long it takes. The ideal solution for a pc that has gotten slower and slower over time. We disable unnecessary start up items to free up valuable system resources, optimize and defragment your registry and clean up unused files and programs. We install critical updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, system optimization software, your Anti-virus/ Spyware programs and more. This can all be done remotely.
(Does not include virus removal, see Virus Removal & Complete Tune-Up)

$149 Virus Removal & Complete Tune-up
Includes everything in Quick Tune-Up above and virus/spyware removal. We install the latest AntiVirus and AntiSpyware programs along with the most up-to-date definition files. Includes a fully complete tune up for a super fast and clean computer. Some third party program support not included.

$24.95 Monthly Plan*Details
Equals $299 a year or 82¢ a day.

Unlimited Technical Support for One Year. Includes installation of Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware plus complete tune up for a fast and clean computer at all times. Some third party program support not included. Requires a full 12 month subscription that cannot be canceled until the end of the 12 month period.

$239 One Time Fee Annual Plan*Details
Equals $19.95 a month or 66¢ a day
Save $60 by paying up front. Unlimited Technical Support for One Year. Includes installation of Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware plus complete tune up for a fast, clean computer at all times. Some third party program support not included.

Peace of mind at an unbelievable price!

After you have chosen a support option and checked out, we will call you asap to fix your computer or feel free to call us now at Toll Free (877) 729-0812. We will connect and fix your computer right away!

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*What do you get with the Annual Support Plans?

Call us as often as you want!
Instant resolutions.
We do the work so you don't have to.
We will make your computer faster than new. Right now!

Unless you request other software, we will install an always-on, automated, all-in-one service with antivirus and antispyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. We fix stubborn errors, clean out clutter, optimize the internet and download speeds and ensure personal security. All of this is necessary to maintain maximum computer performance and keep it automatically protected.

Key Benefits included in most computer repair plans

• Enjoy that new PC feeling again!
• We keep your PC running at peak performance.

We remotely install top quality paid programs on your computer (no extra charge to you) to repair and maintain your computer.
We recommend and use Norton AntiVirus & AntiSpyware, now uses 88% less resources - engineered for speed. (Unless you request a different product)
• Powerful automatic hard drive defragmenting and optimization.
• State of the art registry deep clean and optimization.
Scan and remove spyware and adware using complete up-to-date definition files.
• We prevent spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer.
• Toll free technical support just a phone call away.
• We fix internet and browser issues such as popups.
• We diagnose your software and hardware.
• We can setup automatic backup solutions.
• We eliminate all error messages.
• 100% Safe & Trusted. You can see us do the work and we cannot see your banking data, etc. Your files cannot be seen when we are logged off. Only you can allow us log in each time. Our company is highly recommended. Your absolute privacy is assured
• 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we can not fix your computer. The annual support monthly plan ($29.95 a month) requires a full 12 month subscription.
• ..........and much more

Corky & Staff, Wow! How can I thank you enough for your help to myself and my friend Becky. Yours is the kind of service that many of us would like from others but is so often lacking. I will do my best to refer friends and relatives here. You fellows are the GREATEST! Thanks many times over!
-- Bob Austin


I would like to thank everyone at for their hard work resolving the numerous issues I was having with my laptop. My computer recently became infected with multiple viruses, trojans and spyware. These actually blocked my antivirus programs from running and even prevented me from going to antivirus websites to download new programs! They also redirected my Google searches to random websites. I worked with two technicians who both really impressed me with their technical skills and positive attitudes.

Obviously allowing a "stranger" to access your computer remotely could be a scary thing. However, after speaking with the technicians I quickly realized that I could trust them. They both worked hard to resolve all of the issues I was dealing with and they also optimized my PC. My computer is working great again! I recommend their services to anyone with an infected computer or someone that is simply in need of a "tune up" for their PC. Thanks again!

Sean Kerr
Senior Account Manager
Apex Systems, Inc.

When you sign up with, we will make your computer "faster than new"! Did you know that most pc's, even when brand new, are not optimized for peak performance? Most pc's come with pre-installed software that is set to automatically run in the background. This uses up your valuable system resources without you even knowing. If your computer has gotten slow over time and you're not sure what to do, let our expert technicians get you back on track.

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